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Just a few steps from the door there is a historic Kvitneset (White Cape) that is a popular destination for divers and a place for summer solstice festival. During World War II it was an important guard point controlling waterways leading to inner fjords. Most of fortifications are still there. You can see them on this map.

At a walking distance there is the Arctic Museum Aarvak that was founded to preserve the traditions of sealing and other activities in the Arctic and the Antarctic Zones.

Hiking trails start directly from the house. The mountain just above the house is 570m (1870 feet) high. Here you can see the map of surrounding area.

If you are prepared to drive a few minutes, there is an extensive network of the trails in the vicinity. The following map shows most of the trails on the island.

Kvitneset is a known diving place. You can dive within 5 minutes walk from the house. At Kvitneset there is a headland with off-lying rocks dropping into 20m at the E side and 40m at the W side. At Englandsvik, 1km (0.6 miles) to the south, there is a bay with a gently shelving bottom to 20m or so (but this being Norway, if you swim for a further half a mile you will be in 400m).