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Longer excursions

There are two places in Norway that should not be missed by people who love mountains. Both of them are not too far from Kvitneset. Though they are probably to far for a day trip, they definitly deserve your consideration. If you are staying for an extended period in Kvitneset you may plan a two or three day exceursions and if you are plaaning to be here for just a week or less you can add a visit to them on your way here or back.

Jostedalsbreen.     Jostedalsbreen is the biggest glacier in continental Europe. It is located inside Jostedalsbreen National Park. The best approach and the main tourist services are in Briksdalen, about 160km (100 miles) from Kvitneset. Count on 3+ hours driving an ferring time.

Your options there are vary from an easy walk on a handicap accessible trails to the glaicer tongue with possibility to step on the safe part of it to multiday glacier crossing journey.

Jotunheimen National Park.    Jotunheimen is the most well-known mountain national park in Norway that embraces about 200 peaks higher than 2000m in 1140 km² area. It has an excellent trail network that includes both family friendly trails and difficult mountaneering paths with mountain huts well placed all over the area. It provides for both rock climbers and snow and ice lovers.

Two of the highest Norwegian peaks are here: Galdhopiggen and Glittertind. Both offer moderately easy ascents by footpath with a little bit of scramble. Galdhopiggen also has a simple glacier route (ropes required) that can be combined with normal path to form a loop.

Below Galdhopiggen we have Galdhøpiggen Summerski, the summerski center with the highest altitude in Norway. It is located at Juvbreen Glacier close to Juvasshytta where you can find accomodations and meals. You can find more information about it here.

The distance from Kvitneset to the village of Spiterstullen - the tourist center of Jotunheimen is about 240km which will take probably 5 hours of driving including some time spent on ferries. Both  Galdhopiggen and Glittertind can be climbed in one long day from here. The same distance is to Juvasshytta the summer ski center and the starting point for glacier route to Galdhopiggen.