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Sightseeing.     There are few places in the world that can boast more sights per square kilometer. Almost every view is breathtaking and every fjord has its unique feeling.

Kvitneset itself is a well kknown World War II memorial. Geiranger Fjord, Øye and Noransgdalen and Trollstigen are on the top of the list of Norwegian sights.

Hiking.    Hiking trails start from the house doorstep. Extensive island network can keep you busy for another week. Hiking to Slogjen is almost a must for every hiker. More demanding folks can do Råna and other routes. And you can combine your stay in Kvitneset with visit to Jostedalsbreen and Jotunheimen.

Fishing.    The village of Brandal to which Kvitneset bellongs administartively is a famous fjord fishing resort. Some of the most common fish sorts is coalfish, pollack, haddock, cod, mackerel and herring. But here is also a lot of other sorts like ling, bream, Norway haddock, wolffish, conger and flatfish.

You can participate in fishing cruise with duration from a few hours to several days or just rent a boat and fish on your own. Fresh water fishing is also possible. We will help you with arrangements for either option.

Scenic driving.    Almost any driving around here is scenic. Two of the most impressive routes are described in Day Trips section.

Diving.    Kvitneset itself is a diving site. You can find more sites around on this map.

Bird watching.   Runde is world famous bird watching destination. It is less than an hour drive from the house.
Climbing. I am not aware of known climbing routes on the island so you as well can be the first to describe them. Many technical rock climbing routes of varying difficulty can be found in one to two hour drive around Orsta and Øye. Råna near Øye is relatively easy snow and ice route.

Romsdal is a Mekka for rock climbers. According to an excellent climbing guide "Scandinavian Mountains" by Peter Lennon published by West Col, great publicity has been given to its multi-day routes on the vertiginous walls of the main Romsdalen valley. Romsdal has acquired the reputation that it only suites the "hard" man. In fact there area large number of climbs in the medium to lower grades. Other routes described as scrambling often involve uncertain rock in very exposed situations; these should be considered with caution by those less able or experienced. Romsdal is just over two hours of driving from Kvitneset.

For more ice climbing one should consider Jostedalsbreen and Jotunheimen.

Museums.    The most interesting are Arctic Museum Aarvak, Atlantic Ocean, Park and Sunnmøre Museum. The full list of museums in the area can be found here.

Golf Course.    Sunnmøre Golf club is 10 minutes driving from the house. The club was established in 1989, by the name Ulstein Pitch & Put Club. Our golf course is located at Overåsanden, a few minutes from Hareid centrum. The clubhouse has a nice environment and is self served.